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SmartServ is in conversation with Paul Pearce from Pearce Electric, Burnaby.

How did you start your field service business? What was your motivation?

I was 20 years old, walking around with a ladder and vehicle in Toronto, knocking door to door and asking — Would you like your windows clean? The answer was a simple Yes or No. My next question used to be — When would you like your windows clean? They give me a date, and I used to call them back. They were usually surprised that I called them back.

I was recognized as an entrepreneur in my early twenties when I started my own little window cleaning business.

SmartServ in conversation with Mohsin from Calgary Heating Services, Alberta.

How did you start your field service business? What was your motivation?

Mohsin’s brother started a part-time field service business in 2009 and another full-time job, which he left years later. He experimented with roles, but things didn’t seem to work out. That was when Mohsin proposed starting with their own field service business on a serious note instead of a part-time business. Right then, they started investing, and Calgary Heating Services took off!

What were the challenges you faced over the course?

One of the biggest challenges for the field service business is keeping steady throughout the year. The field service business is not stable as there are times when…

SmartServ in discussion with Kye Bowman, the Owner, Fine Pipes Plumbing

With two generations worth of experience in the field service business, FinePipes was built in 2018 to innovate the plumbing industry in Lethbridge. Kye Bowman, the owner of Fine Pipes Plumbing, shares his journey with SmartServ, from day one to date.

How did you start your field service business, and what was your motivation?

From a very early age, Kye knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur. He grew up around trades with the heavy influence of his father, who was a plumber. It was around his later teens and early twenties when he got keen on doing something on his own. …

Photo by Greyson Joralemon on Unsplash

The field service industry is the backbone of the economy. It has helped enhance the infrastructure of the nation, starting right from our homes. However, the field service business might have to change its way of operating. 2020 has turned the world upside-down, and the termors have been felt in the field service industry too. The “new normal” seeks new trends in the service industry.

Contactless Service

Photo by Lukas Blazek on Unsplash

No matter how far we run, we can not run away from the yearly accounting obligations! Not just that it is necessary, but it displays to us the mirror of our actual business performance. Hence, omitting the same would be no less than a blunder!

Managing Financials in the Service Industry

Coming to the field service industry, half of the business operations reside out of the office. Hence, keeping a streamlined process becomes crucial. Similarly, for financing and accounting, the planning, directing, recording, and reporting becomes hectic as it increases the chances of duplication of efforts from in and out of the office. For the same…

2020, for most, has been hard on the finances due to many uncontrollable factors, and our accounting books don’t fail to show the same. However, no matter how cautious one is in regular life, there are some common accounting errors faced by the field service businesses that end up being very costly if not rectified timely.

Misplacement or Duplication of Invoices

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For starters, considering a technician whose work-hours are on the field, it is not hard to imagine him or her misplacing the invoices. With driving to-and-fro for numerous jobs, there could be disorganization in managing paperwork. Losing record of…

Gone are the days when we used to share hiring pamphlets for the required candidates and wait for the applicants to reach out to us. With the advancements in technology, the hiring process has evolved over the years. As comfortable as it sounds, the challenges have not disappeared yet. Employee referral programs have been filling the gaps for a long time until they started being based on sympathy than considering the right fit for the job. The list is endless!

Photo by Jen Theodore on Unsplash

Check out our previous blog, where we have shared the numberous challenges that the service industry faces when it comes…

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

Attracting the best talent was never a piece of cake, and the pandemic has added no help to the same. With the recent transitions in the service industry landscape, the hiring process has become a cumbersome job. Hunting for top talent, which not only portrays a competent knack for work but carries the willingness to learn, is crucial. No matter if you’re starting with your service business or have an age-old establishment — when it comes to recruiting service contractors, the head-scratching begins!

The hiring process has evolved over the years. Also, considering the current scenario, many businesses have shifted…

The uber-fast technological advancements are leaving no room for the old manual methods of operating a business. The need of the hour is to adapt to the latest or else become obsolete. However, when it comes to home service or field service businesses, having field service management software has become a luxury — the prices are touching the sky!

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The inflated prices of field service software have forced numerous businesses to stick to the conventional means of recording, that is, pen-and-paper, which further induces redundant and monotonous proceedings.

The question that pops up is — with all the discrepancies, what…

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With every mom-and-pop shop opening around the corner, it has become essential for the field service companies to raise their game in terms of service. Organizing is crucial to boost efficiency for any job, be it for service technicians, inspectors, emergency response workers, or installers, and in order to match the industry bars, field service management software has become nuts to the bolts; a necessity.

Are you still stuck with pen and paper?

When it comes to organizing, the pen-and-paper format acts as a tedious process of recording information.


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